Tewa program’s goals and objectives will focus on using the community traditional calendar. Most lessons web into cooking, numbers, colors, animals, birds, plants, trees, arts and crafts, games, field trips, in and around the area, story telling and many other teachable moments. Students can also inspire a lesson on what they want to learn.

Tewa will give each child a language assessment test to see how much Tewa they comprehend. This assessment is given three times in a school year.

This is who we are as Tewa people and its our responsibility to make sure we keep our culture and language alive forever.


The Tesuque Honorable 5's
"Ee Seegi, Sehkaneh, Ahgin Huuwi"

1.  We greet everyone with respect.

"Toh wi ee muu’ di ee Ahgin ki yoh"


2.  Polite and kind words are in our vocabulary.

"Weh ee hee’ andi, Heewon ee hee oh"

3.  We value ourselves, others, and our community.

"Ee seegi, sehkahneh, ahgin huuwi t’eh ki di boh"

4.  When we see each other in need, we are helpful.

"Toh wi ee muu’ di un keh’ gen teh di, ee keh’ gen nami"

5.  We take responsibility for our actions in school and our personal life.

"Weh heewon ee ang pi’ di, ing kaa’aa ee koh di ami di"

boy with drum
girls with arrows