group of students at school

Mission & Values

Te Tsu Geh School's mission is to involve staff, students, parents, and the community to work together to provide a positive and challenging educational program. The focus will be academic, social, and emotional development with a strong cultural foundation that prepares our students to be life-long learners and leaders in their community.

Core Values

Caring: Students will be encouraged and supported to lead their own learning while supporting the learning of their peers and gaining leadership skills.

Success: Students will come to understand their strengths and build upon those strengths using curriculum materials that are challenging and culturally appropriate in shaping students as problem solvers, leaving them with a strong educational foundation for future learning in a variety of settings. 

Respect: Students will learn both collaboratively and independently, taking pride in their work and the work of their peers while developing self-respect and respect for their community through service and their understanding of the larger world.

Partnerships: Te Tsu Geh Oweenge School will work directly with other key departments and the greater community throughout the school year. 



Language Arts: Learning to read is primary in the elementary years and everything we do, has some connection to it. We will be dedicating this year to a way of learning to read, that uses all the senses and can reach many different kinds of learners. All literacy units will be aligned to the Common Core Standards.

Math: Envision Math has been adopted as the math program. This program focuses on common core standards, the pacing allows for more depth and more time to teach for understanding. ​

Science: This year we will have a science teacher and inquiry kits from the Los Alamos National Lab Foundation will be implemented. 

Language and Culture: Tesuque Pueblo students will attend Tewa Language and Culture class Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s, at an integrated schedule. Each class will get an hour each day. 

Physical Education and Health & Wellness: Physical Education services will be provided by the Inter-generational (IGC) staff.

Arts:  On Friday’s, students will be exposed to a variety of music, fine art, and performance art through field trips, visiting artists, and classroom research. 

Library: Library services will be provided by the Taytsugeh Oweenge Library staff. 

Health & Wellness: Health & Wellness will be provided by the Inter-generational staff “IGC”.

The Honorable 5's

The Te Tsu Geh Honorable 5's are values that the students practice daily, all day long. All staff at the school will work with your child to support these social skills.


  • We greet everyone with respect.
  • Polite and kind words are in our vocabulary.
  • We value ourselves, others, and our community.
  • When we see others in need, we are helpful.
  • We take responsibility for our actions in school and in our personal life.