Attendance Policy


If your child is going to be absent, call the front office number 505-303-1254. 

If your child is tardy, you must bring them to the front office for a “Student Attendance Slip” and check them in. Your child will deliver this slip to their teacher and this will be recorded in the daily attendance sheet. If your child doesn’t get checked in or there is no contact with the front office, they will be marked as unexcused absent or unexcused tardy. 

If you are picking up your child early for a doctor’s appointment, you must come to the front office to check your child out. The “Student Attendance Slip” will be given to you, to give to your child’s teacher. (If your child is returning from the appointment, please sign them back into school at the front office). 

If you are planning a trip during school time, please communicate with your child’s teacher one week in advance to make plans on making up learning that will be missed.

If a child’s attendance is erratic or there are numerous unexcused absences, the principal/teacher will contact the parent/guardian to discuss the concern and create a plan to assist.

  • After 3 unexcused absences in a semester the teacher will send a notice home.
  • After 5 days of unexcused absences the principal will arrange a parent/teacher conference
  • After 3 sick days, a doctor’s note is required.
  • Sign in at the office if your child is late, before your student goes to class 
  • Tardiness after 10:00 am will be considered a half-day absence
  • Dismissal before noon will be considered a half-day absence.
  • Doctor’s notes are kept in the child’s classroom file as documentation of absences, tardiness, and early release.
  • We have had a problem with extensive tardiness. Please make sure your child comes to school on time. Teachers start instruction at 8:00 am and students miss
    the beginning lessons, which disrupts the classroom. 


Late Pick-Up Policy

It is essential that parents/guardians pick their children up on time from school. If an emergency occurs, parents/guardians should call and inform the staff of the emergency and provide a time when a parent/guardian or person from on the Emergency Contact Information form will be able to pick up the child. 

If the parents/guardians know in advance that they will not be able to pick up their child by the expected pickup time, it is the expectation the child will be sent to the T.C.E.P. 

If you are having a problem picking up your child on time, please speak with the principal.


Safety and Evacuation

In case the building cannot be re-occupied following an evacuation, it may be necessary to evacuate the grounds. If the weather is bad, we will evacuate to the Inter-Generational Center and will arrange for transportation. If the weather is nice, we will wait at the community basketball court next to the campus, or a designated area, until parents pick up their children or until transportation is arranged to transport the children home.

Before leaving the school grounds the principal or designee will post a notice on the front door where they are evacuating to, so the parents can pick up students there. The principal or a staff member will call or text the parents with information.



The principal or designee shall hold fire drills and other drills monthly, to insure that all students and staff are familiar with the drills, so they can be activated and accomplished quickly and efficiently. These drills shall be held at both regular and inopportune times to take care of almost any situation. Everyone in the building, including visitors, should follow the instructions in the room or area they are in when the alarm is sounded. The Principal or designee will ensure that fire drill records will be maintained. 


Violence and Weapons on Campus

In the event that a student has brought a weapon to school or is in possession of other illegal items on campus, tribal police will be called, and parents notified immediately. The student may not return to school until the team has established an appropriate transition plan back to school. This plan of action will be documented and placed in a student’s file and may include social service assistance.


Unacceptable Discipline Methods:

The following methods are prohibited at all times, under any circumstances:

  • Physical punishment of any kind
  • Threatened or actual withdrawal of food, rest, or use of the bathroom
  • Abusive or profane language
  • Any form of public or private humiliation, including threats of physical punishment or emotional abuse, including shaming, humiliating, rejecting, terrorizing, or isolating a child
  • Punishment for soiling, wetting, or not using the toilet
  • Retaliating or doing to the child what she/he did to someone else
  • Labeling a child as “bad” or otherwise implying that she/he is a problem, rather than the behavior

We will also refrain from discussing a child’s challenging behavior in front of the child whenever possible, and will never do so in front of other children or families. Use of any inappropriate child discipline methods by faculty or volunteers will be grounds for immediate disciplinary action. 


Medication Policy

The need to administer medication will be done by a parent/guardian only.